Sobre Atlansol Inmobiliaria

The common root of the name of the real estate company Atlansol and the Atlanteia group, comes from the mythological Greek titan Atlas, loader of the pillars that separate the sky from the earth, and father of the nymphs Hespérides, whose golden apple garden located near Tartessos, They stepped on Hercules and Perseus. From this root come words as close to our culture as Atlantis. Atlantic Ocean or the Atlas Mountains. The castle of Sancti Petri, which appears in our logo, is the ancient site of the Temple of the Hercules Gaditano, a famous sanctuary where historical figures such as Aníbal and Julio César offered their sacrifices. It symbolizes the character of our land in Cadiz as a meeting point, at the end of Europe, between the sky of Zeus and the sea of ​​Poseidon. Atlansol Real Estate will find you the home, the most suitable tenant for your peace of mind and the buyer you need, before any other real estate operator. Put us to the test. We are first of all, professionals with the highest level of ethical commitment to our clients.